Don’t be afraid of being a beginner

I found programming in late 2018th just accidentally!

My brother used to bet on Soccer matches every day and he was doing some strange math calculations in order to predict the goal outcome for the next games. So, the idea was to create a simple program that will take some number input and gives a fair percentage of goal prediction for the upcoming matches.

The reality was very scary because I was coming from a totally different background and it was a REAL struggle to even think about finding resources where I can learn programming and build a relevant skill to hop in this giant tech world. After some research, I decided to take a long marathon journey with Android Development and build that app for my brother.

First things first, JAVA!

In order to create a simple app in Android Studio SDK, you will need to know Java programming language? Yes, what a challenge for a beginner!

After 8 months of banging my head to a wall and learning OOP concepts along with some simple data structures, for & while loops, constructors…

I somehow managed to get that taste of my first Android experience. When I opened a new project in Android SDK, the XML code was the first to greet me! Whaaat!?! I thought, again the painful process of learning new things.

After some months of struggle. I managed to build an app for my brother and even published it on the Google Play Store! What an achievement.
Note: You can see the app on this link. The design was awful but the happiness was real!

In two years I built five different native Android apps. Simple, up to 3 — 5 fragments/activities. And then I stuck! Poison of imposter syndrome was taking place in my body as I was going deeper into the world of development. Sometimes you get tired of searching all kinds of learning resources and you want somebody to tell you exactly what to focus on.

A mentor, that’s what you need I said to myself!

I met my mentor on social media and he selflessly gave me knowledge and tips on how to improve myself. After 6 months of constantly building confidence, I was able to prepare myself for the interviews. My resume was ready, my LinkedIn profile was also there and after 4 — 5 rejections I managed to land my first Internship! It’s not a job, but it is a very big thing for a self-taught guy who runs into this tech world “naked”.
Note: I would like to thank him a lot!

I would like to extract some hidden key points of this story for you. And you can choose to apply to all spheres of your life.

  1. Accept failure. You will fail a lot, trust me. It’s part of the process.
  2. Whatever scares you, go there! You don’t know how to build an app or website for your friend. Great! Take the challenge and go all in! That is the place where the magic happens.
  3. Learn to learn. This is a must. If you want to learn new skills and be good at them, you will need to find yourself a sweet point where you can learn in your own way. This is the hardest part, so put some time and effort into it.
  4. Find mentor. Sometimes you get lucky and people find you. Just try to ask for help from someone who is more experienced than you. If it helps, okay. If it’s not, cool.
  5. Never give up. Nothing special to say about this.
  6. Enjoy the process, not the destination.

Hi firend! I am self-taught Android Developer. Acrobatic paragliding pilot and passionate beekeeper. I love adventures, camping and spending time in nature.